Colombia 1 Kg.


Colombia – Washed
Espresso & Filter

smooth silky body
fruity sweetness
hints of chocolate


Café de Cauca, Colombia

The region producing Café de Cauca has a plateau located at nearly 1700 masl. The so-called meseta (plateau) de Popayán and its surroundings are also sheltered by the Andes mountain range, which helps create homogenous weather and altitude conditions, giving way to one of the most outstanding Colombian coffee origins, Café de Cauca.

The zones where this coffee is grown have peculiar characteristics, including soils that are derived from volcanic ashes. Nearby volcanoes such as Sotará and Puracé generate colder winds positively affecting coffee quality.

Café de Cauca is 100% mild Arabica coffee,  grown on small farms where it is selectively picked and processed, sticking to quality protocols and standards.

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