“We Love ♥ Coffee”

The Coffee Store in the small village Bergen NH is where its all about coffee. If you’re seeking specialty coffee, this is the place to be. Fresh roasted beans from our roastery and striving to make perfect tasting coffee beverages. 

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Our coffee begins with finding the best quality “green beans” from the latest and best harvest seasons. The beans are roasted on our customized Probat roaster to extract and create the greatest flavours of the coffee beans produced by the farmer.

Pushing a button and serving a cup of coffee to a customer is not our way. Our trained baristas deliver high level coffee beverages. They are tasters, creators and up to date with all brewing techniques.

We’re also looking to put our beans into the hands of the like-minded people, that want to drink or serve something special, something handcrafted and made with love, and who know a good cup of coffee can be beautiful thing.